logo_Peekv2Diablo Ballet’s PEEK Program (Performing Arts Education & Enrichment for Kids), is the only arts education program of its kind offered by a professional dance company in the Bay Area. PEEK provides in-school movement curriculum and free dance performances to students and families in under-served areas who have few opportunities to participate in the arts.

Resolution2013The PEEK Program is endorsed by federal, state, and local policy-makers,  including Assemblymember Susan Bonilla’s 2013 recognition of Diablo Ballet for “Successfully imparting inspiring young people to become actively involved in all that life has to offer.”
In 2015, Diablo Ballet was one of just eight state-wide organizations to receive funding from the California Arts Council to bring its PEEK Extension arts education to teenagers within the Contra Costa County juvenile justice system – a deeply powerful experience.
To see the difference we’re making in children’s lives, click on the links for the following videos:
PEEK 2014 video   or  Adopt-a-class 2016
Based on State Board of Education Standards, PEEK has served 65,000 underserved children since 1995, targeting diverse youth in free-lunch programs.
PEEK’s Adopt-a-Class Program is a rare gift to children, as the Artistic Director and dancers – whose teaching experience is extraordinary – work directly with the students in the classroom, guiding them in using original movement to communicate.  PEEK provides a safe environment to express emotions in movement – strengthening their confidence and self-esteem.  The Artistic Director meets with each educator prior to the school year, to customize the Ballet’s visits.
Adopt-a-Class brings movement curriculum into under-served elementary school classrooms in twelve sequential visits, including a field trip to participate in a Diablo Ballet studio rehearsal, and a special matinee performance for children.  Dance in the Schools brings an interactive Presentation into five schools annually, with a classroom visit that allows students to express themselves through movement rather than words. The Theatre Encounter is a free, interactive Program that brings 750 low-income children into the Lesher Center for the Arts, where students act as the choreographer to create a ballet on Diablo Ballet dancers onstage.
“PEEK is amazing- I am so happy that Target has been able to partner with such amazing community partners.”