May 17 - 18, 2024

Diablo Ballet closes its 30th, 2023 – 24 Season with the world premiere of the magical fairytale The Firebird.

The Firebird performs on May 17 at 7:30 pm and on May 18 at 2 pm & 7:30 pm. The performance runs 1 hour and 30 mins with one intermission.

Special Performance Event!
A special meet and greet with the costumed dancers will immediately follow each performance with a sweet treat for our younger guests.

Enjoy a speciality drink “The Firebird” before the performance and during intermission. This delicious beverage both with or without alcohol is a tasty apple treat! (Drinks can be purchased at the lobby bars.)

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The Firebird

Music: Igor Stravinsky
Choreography: Brian Enos

A brand-new one act magical fairytale by award-winning choreographer Brian Enos, is set to the sweeping score by Igor Stravinsky.  A handsome prince and his beautiful princess fall in love through the majestic Firebird who saves them.

Synopsis Based on the mythical folktale – “The Firebird”
Prince Ivan finds himself in a mysterious and ominous forest, searching for his lost love. He encounters the Firebird and hides to watch the mythical creature during her nightly ritual. He captures the Firebird by luring her with a golden apple. The captive Firebird struggles to free herself and finally breaks away, leaving him with a magical feather that will summon her in times of danger. Prince Ivan continues through the forest, pursued by three trolls, the minions of the evil sorcerer Koschei.

A group of princesses suddenly appears, frolicking in the forest and playing with their golden apples. Ivan wonders if his love is among them but cannot be sure as they are transformed under a spell. He reveals himself to the princesses who slowly accept his presence. He is drawn to one particular princess, Katerina, and she too seems taken with him. They come together, but the trolls capture Ivan, and Koschei arrives angered by Ivan’s presence.

In a final attempt to save his own life, Prince Ivan uses the magic feather to summon the Firebird, who begins an infectious dance, compelling everyone to participate until they collapse from exhaustion. She then lulls everyone to sleep with her lullaby and shows Prince Ivan a way to break the spell and defeat Koschei. Prince Ivan shatters a golden egg containing Koschei’s soul and power, bringing him to his demise.

Koschei’s kingdom disintegrates, and the princesses awaken from his spell as victims of his past curses are liberated, free to reunite with their lost loves. Everyone participates in a celebration where the Priestess joins Princess Katerina and Prince Ivan.

4 In The Morning (an Entertainment)

Music: William Walton
Choreography: Val Caniparoli

Renowned dance maker, Val Caniparoli’s 4 in the Morning, was originally created for Amy Seiwart’s “Imagery” in 2016. “My inspiration for 4 In The Morning (An Entertainment) came from Edith Sitwell’s poetry and William Walton’s instrumental accompaniment called “Façade (An Entertainment),” first performed together in 1923. I was inspired by Walton’s music and also highly intrigued by the rhythms of Sitwell’s poetry, appreciating how it added interesting layers and texture to Walton’s musical landscape. Many critics dismissed Sitwell’s verses as “nonsense poetry” and the premiere in 1923 was described as a “success de scandale.” Although it is rather difficult to discern an exact meaning from many of Sitwell’s verses, I found them undeniably fun, eccentric, full of musicality and highly entertaining. I took my lead from a particular Sitwell poem called “4 In The Morning” to recreate this late night party as I imagined in Joseph Moncure March’s bawdy narrative “The Wild Party” or in a wild Gatsby-esque after-party typical of that “Golden” era.”

Light Rain

Music: Douglas Adamz and Russ Gauthier
Choreography: Gerald Arpino

Gerald Arpino’s Light Rain has been an audience favorite and one of his most requested work since its premiere in 1981, when it was created for the Joffrey Ballet’s Silver Anniversary. Diablo Ballet will perform the stunning Pas de Deux. 

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The Firebird performs May 17 – 18 at the Lesher Center for the Arts. 
The performance will be at the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek. See directions