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Diablo Ballet’s PEEK Outreach Program (Performing Arts Education & Enrichment for Kids), has reached over 75,000 under-served children and at-risk teens since 1995. PEEK is the only arts education program of its kind offered by a professional dance company in the Bay Area and provides in-school creative, social and emotional curriculum designed to teach students to express their feelings through movement and teamwork. Youth learn creative methods to utilize dance, body language and facial expressions, as a means of coping with situational challenges and to enhance mental, emotional and physical well-being.

PEEK is based on the California Visual and Performing Arts Standards and its curricula has been endorsed by federal, state and local policy-makers, including the State Assembly for “Successfully imparting inspiring young people to become actively involved in all that life has to offer.” Its goals are for students to develop self-esteem by expressing their emotions and experiences through original movement (body language and facial expression); build soft skills such as self-confidence and an increased sense of courage by cooperating with others and working in a group to present a story using creative movement rather than words; learn and develop hard skills such as problem-solving, compromise, and positive communication through physical activity and working together in teams.

PEEK helps youth develop positive academic, prosocial skills and supports mental health including those affected by trauma. Teaching artists, guide students in developing skills to overcome stressors that impact their daily life. Youth will develop a greater sense of empathy, teamwork and cooperation. Classroom activities also involve cognitive and memory processes where students stay engaged in tasks for a longer period of time thereby improving focus.

PEEK works with hundreds of Title-1 schools each year, teenage girls and boys incarcerated in the Juvenile Justice System in Martinez and has worked with adolescents at the Behavioral Health Inpatient Unit at John Muir Hospital in Concord.

Did you know?

In 2015, Diablo Ballet was one of just eight state-wide organizations to receive funding from the California Arts Council to bring its PEEK Extension arts education to at-risk teenagers within the Contra Costa County juvenile justice system – a deeply powerful experience.

We have so much respect for the work that Diablo Ballet does as an organization, and for you all as people working to make this world just a little bit better. We are very proud to partner with you.
–Mechanics Bank

“Diablo Ballet is exposing children to a world that they have no idea about. You’re such a great example that their dreams can become their reality.”
–Susan Champagne, second-grade teacher at Rio Vista Elementary, Bay Point

“Thank you for sharing some light in my weeks”
–17 year old, Mt. McKinley, Juvenile Hall, Martinez