Gabrielle Solis has been stage managing for theatre and dance companies in the Bay Area, California and in Ashland, Oregon for five years. They joined Diablo Ballet in February 2022. Gabrielle has also worked with companies such as Western Ballet, Stars2000, and the Oregon Cabaret Theatre. Gabrielle has a bachelor’s degree in English literature from Southern Oregon University, where they also studied education and technical theatre. They are currently pursuing a master’s degree in teaching, and secondary teaching credentials in theatre and English.

THOMAS ROBERTS – Technical Director

Thomas Roberts, born in Stanford, has worked in theater as an electrician and main technical lead for over twenty years. He spent ten years with the Grateful Dead as a sound and lighting engineer as well as various bands including the Dick Bright Orchestra and Cold Blood with Lydia Pence. In 2004 he joined Diablo Ballet as Technical Lead and became the Ballet’s Technical Director in 2017.

CHRISTOPHER DUNN – Wardrobe Supervisor & Costume Construction

Christopher Dunn began costuming for dance in 2004, when he was appointed as wardrobe master for The Reno Dance Company (RDC). Over the next decade, Christopher designed and constructed costumes for RDC’s many productions including Cinderella, Coppelia, Nutcracker, The Wizard of Oz, Aladdin, and Frozen the Ballet. In 2011, Christopher left Reno to take his career to the next level in San Francisco where he became a founding member and wardrobe manager for Dance Theatre of San Francisco. In 2014 he joined Oakland Ballet Company where he designed and produced costumes for them through 2022. Since 2004, Christopher has created many original costumes combining stunning aesthetics with functionality. Growing up as a dancer in a studio owned by his mother, and currently still working as a professional dancer, Christopher has a first hand understanding of how to craft a costume that is visually appealing while making the dancer feel comfortable and confident. He has also developed costumes for Post:Ballet, Berkeley Ballet Theater, Bay Pointe Ballet, Company C Contemporary Ballet, Robert Moses Kin Dance Company, Napoles Ballet, and countless independent projects throughout the Bay Area. He is excited to be joining Diablo Ballet full time as a costume designer and wardrobe master. He looks forward to seeing his new designs in Julia Adam’s The Nutcracker Suite.




Sports Medicine Physician

Selina Shah, MD, FACP

Primary Care Physician

Denise Hilliard, MD

Physical Therapists

Pacer Physical Therapy, Inc.

Pilates and Conditioning

Karen Lapointe, Fine Line Fitness Pilates

Nutrition & Physique Development Coach

Tracy Beckham, Body by Beckham