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Training division

In light of COVID-19 and the Shelter in Place, we have moved to a virtual classes which begin March 30th. Click here for our virtual schedule!

Registration is available online and class level is by invitation only.

Students will be assessed on ability and accomplishment of certain expectations before being invited to participate in Ballet Level 2-5. Most students will remain in the same class for at least 2 years. Diablo Ballet School levels are not always dictated by age and do not coincide with academic grade levels or other dance school programs. We keep our program consistent with worldwide expectations and age appropriate development. If interested in joining Diablo Ballet School, please email with the student’s name, how many years the student has been dancing and what level they are interested in and we can schedule a time for the student to come in and take a class to ensure correct placement.

Ballet Level 2

Turning 8 in school year and up
As with each level, students are invited to Ballet Level 2 after they have demonstrated full understanding of the previous level. Body alignment and muscle awareness will determine progress. This class will focus on positions of the arms, direction of the body and increased movement vocabulary. This class is required twice weekly.

Ballet Level 3

In Ballet Level 3, attention is paid to the proper extension of the legs and shape of the feet, developing movement sequences, port de bras and balance. Students will see an increase in difficulty in barre and centre work. Students begin focus on repetition and retention. This class is required twice weekly.

Ballet Level 4

Students continue to develop extension of the legs and strength of the feet as well as more advanced barre and centre work and port de bras throughout. Depending on individual progression and development, students may be given the opportunity to take pre-pointe and pointe classes. This class is required three days per week with an optional fourth day if desired. 

Ballet Level 5

Classes will focus on pointe work, pirouettes, use of the head and upper body, fluidity of port de bras as well as the intricacies of small and large jumps. This class will pay attention to fine details, use of the upper body, breath of movement and expression as well as an increasingly advanced repertory of steps. This class is required four days per week.