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Selections from The Nutcracker performance

Ballet Levels 2 – 5 ONLY-  Dancer’s Schedule for December 14th, Saturday at Diablo Ballet School 

10:30 am – Levels 4 and 5 – combined class and stay on through rehearsal and both performances (bring a bag lunch)
12:00 pm – Levels 2 and 3 – combined warm-up class, rehearsal and stay through both performances (bring a bag lunch)
1:30 pm – Dress Rehearsal
3:00 pm – Performance
5:00 pm – Performance
6:00 pm – Dancers released
*please note Level 2 and Level 4 do not have regular class times this day.

Please be prompt in your drop off and pick up of your dancer as we are on a precise schedule.

Tickets: Tickets are needed to attend and are available for purchase online through Eventbrite. Tickets are $5 each and are limited to 4 tickets per family. Tickets are only available to Diablo School Families with students in Levels 2 – 5 due to studio space. Please only purchase tickets for one performance (either the 3 pm or the 5 pm) so that we can accommodate all our guests and families. All children 2 and up will need a ticket. Tickets are non-refundable and no exchanges please. 

Performance Guidelines

• Make-up – Please apply before coming to rehearsal and performances. Use brown eye shadow (no blue or purple), mascara, and eyebrows penciled lightly in if they are blonde, blush on cheekbones, bring dark pink/red lipstick. Lipstick can be applied just after costumes are on and just before performance. No sparkles or glittery make-up.

• Hair – wet hair with water and gel and put in high “crown of head” secure ponytail, bring bobby pins and hairnets (invisible kind). We will be putting hair in the figure 8 ballet bun. If you are able to make a figure 8 bun, you can do it at home; otherwise, bring pins and hairnets with hair prepared in a slicked back ponytail. Once it has been done for you one time, then practice and use it for all performances.

• Costumes, Tights and Shoes – Performance costumes are provided. Please wear your designated uniform tights (and bring an extra pair), black camisole leotard and pink split leather sole ballet shoes. Level 4 and Level 5 need a flesh colored, spaghetti strap leotard to wear underneath. If you don’t have one, it can be ordered here. Use code: 1248-Diablo for 10% off.

• What to wear (or not to wear) to the rehearsals and performances – Please remove nail polish, rings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, tattoos, body or hair glitter -arrive December 14 in tights, black leotard, warm-up suit (any kind), simple shoes.

• What to bring – A bag that is just large enough to carry all needs. Contents: ballet shoes, extra pair of tights, extra hair nets, and bobby pins, water bottle, snacks. (There is no eating in costume or in the dressing areas.) Book to read or a small, silent activity that you can do but is not valuable in case it gets misplaced or lost.

• What not to bring – Please no jewelry or anything that is valuable or noisy.

• Rehearsal Conduct: Dancers are responsible for all of their belongings. Only dancers are allowed in the rehearsal & dressing room studio space. Parents, please do not enter the dressing or waiting room unless you are assigned as chaperones. No gum, food or drink other than water bottles is allowed in the studios.

Any additional questions, please email:

Tickets are $5 each and limited to 4 per family. Please only purchase tickets for one performance (either the 3 pm or the 5 pm) so that we can accommodate all our guests and families. All children 2 and up will need a ticket.