Virtual Performances: Frequently Asked Questions

by | Oct 15, 2020 | Performance

If I purchase a virtual ticket to Love Stories, am I able to access the performance whenever I like, or can I watch only on a certain day?

We are offering two weekends for you to choose to watch Love Stories. You can either view the link starting on Friday, June 18 at 9 am PST through Sunday, June 20 at 9 pm PST OR you can choose the second weekend and view the performance starting Friday, June 25 at 9 am PST through Sunday, June 27 at 9 pm PST. The link will be available for viewing as many times as you like, whenever you like on the weekend of your choice.

How many virtual tickets do I need for my family? Is there a student virtual ticket price?

For Love Stories, we are doing one ticket per household.  That could be for one person or six depending on who lives with you at home.  Because it is per household, we are not offering different pricing for students.  For purchases by groups or senior communities, please contact Dan Meagher at or (926) 943-1775 x 2.

What do I need to watch the virtual performance?

All you need is a comfy chair, strong Wi-Fi, and either a computer with web access, or a smart device like a phone or ipad.

Will I be able to watch the performances on my TV?
Watching on your television depends on what types of devices and technology you have available to you. Many smart devices can play content from a phone or computer to a television. Here is an article that you can read for more information:  and we encourage you to test the viewing link and technology before you want to watch. 

What if I need help?

You can contact the Lesher Center if you have any questions about tickets or your ticket link.  If you have questions about how to access your special viewing link, you can call (925) 943-1775.  We will have staff answering the phones during the viewing period.

When will I receive the link to view the performance?

The performance link will be sent out on the Friday (the first day of viewing – June 18 or June 25) at 9am PST and you can start viewing immediately.  All links will be sent out by the Lesher Center for the Arts.

I am a subscriber and have questions about my subscription?
Please call (925) 943-1775 x 2 and leave a message for Dan Meagher at the Diablo Ballet office. He will call you back as soon as he can and will help you with any subscriber questions you might have.

Can I share my link with family members that don’t live with me?
You will receive a special link good for your household and we ask that you do not share the link as we have been given permission from rights and royalty licensing to only show the performances for 3 days to ticket holders.  Please help us keep our promises to these artists so we can share other works virtually in the future. 

How do I contact the ticket office? 
You can reach the Lesher Center Ticket Office via phone at 925-943-SHOW (7469) or through their website at