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Dance Notes: Carnival of the Imagination

Carnival of the Imagination By: Diane Claytor Last year, wrote about Robert Dekkers, Diablo Ballet’s choreographer, “Robert’s work always fascinates…” While it seems that every project he creates could be described as fascinating – as well as exciting, surprising, mesmerizing, creative and ‘out of the box’ – perhaps none can use all those adjectives […]

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Dance Notes: A Swingin’ Holiday

A Swingin’ Holiday By: Diane Claytor It simply wouldn’t be the holidays – or at least wouldn’t feel like the holidays – if Diablo Ballet didn’t open its season with the perennial favorite, A Swingin’ Holiday. Having performed this very popular, high energy, holiday favorite annually since 2012, the opening of our landmark 25th Season […]

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Dance Notes: Celebrated Masters

It’s one of those sad facts of life….all good things must come to an end. And for dance lovers and Diablo Ballet supporters, Celebrated Masters, performing at Walnut Creek’s Del Valle Theatre on May 4-5, closes another incredible year where we were able to not only “experience the power of dance,” but revel in every graceful […]

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Dance Notes: Harmonious Beauty

By Diane Claytor Harmonious, according to the dictionary definition, means “forming a pleasing, consistent whole…made up of sounds that combine agreeably…pleasing to the ear, tuneful, melodious.” And Beauty…well, we all have our own definition of beauty, but according to, it’s the “quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep […]

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Diablo Ballet Brings Beauty and Excitement in 24th Season

by Diane Claytor The outside temperature may give no indication that autumn is right around the corner, but stores are touting Halloween products and colder weather clothing, reminding us that it, will, indeed, be here before we know it. And with the fall season, comes more – and better — adult entertainment options: new TV […]

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Diablo Ballet Closes Out Incredible Season with Another Spectacular Program

By Diane Claytor Diablo Ballet’s spectacular 23rd season comes to an end with it’s final performance at Walnut Creek’s Del Valle Theatre May 5-6. And like all the shows before, this Celebrated Masters program promises to be filled with both classical and contemporary repertoires, incredible artistry, gracefulness and simply beautiful dancing. As Bryn Namavari of […]

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