San Francisco Chronicle: “Diablo in Colombia”

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SF Chronicle, May 13, 2010: Diablo in Colombia

Diablo Ballet will perform in Cali, Colombia, on June 7 as part of the fourth annual Festival Internacional de Ballet. Diablo dancers will present George Balanchine‘s “Apollo,” marking the first time since the 1940s that the choreographer’s work will be seen in Colombia’s third largest city. Lauren Jonas, Diablo’s artistic director, said her Walnut Creek company was invited to the festival through Diablo dancer Jekyns Pelaez, who was born and raised in Cali. “There was an interest due to Diablo Ballet having Balanchine’s ‘Apollo’ in our repertoire in which Jekyns performs the title role,” she said.

Pelaez began his studies at Incolballet in Cali and danced with Ballet De Cali, Ballet Arizona, Chautauqua Ballet, Ohio Ballet, Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley and others before joining Diablo Ballet in 2003. He is looking forward to bringing his fellow Diablo dancers to his hometown and performing one of his favorite ballets there. ” ‘Apollo’ is a very emotional ballet,” he said. “It tells the story of an innocent boy who becomes a god.”

Besides his relatives, Pelaez will be seeking out old friends and acquaintances from the ballet world, as the weeklong festival will bring together dozens of dance companies from all over the world. “Ballet is a small community, a tight subculture. The festival will be a reunion of sorts,” he said.