Wishing Everyone “A Swingin’ Holiday”

The holiday season has officially begun… and this weekend (Saturday, Nov. 9), Diablo Ballet will kick off its exciting 20th anniversary season at Ohlone College’s Smith Center in Fremont, featuring A Swingin’ Holiday, 2013 edition. Next weekend, Nov. 15 and 16, will find the same repertoire — A Swingin’ Holiday, Our Waltzes Trilogy and Compulsive […]

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Introducing… Tetyana Martyanova

Next week – Nov. 9 to be exact – Diablo Ballet will kick off its very exciting 20th season at Fremont’s Ohlone College’s Smith Center. The following weekend, Nov. 15 and 16, will find the same repertoire: A Swingin’ Holiday, 2013 edition, Our Waltzes Trilogy and Mario Radacovsky’s Compulsive, performed at Walnut Creek’s Lesher Center […]

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All Ballet is Not the Same

By Diane Claytor All Ballet is Not the Same: Gertrude Stein said it in her 1913 poem, Sacred Emily: “a rose is a rose is a rose.” This well-known phrase has often been interpreted to mean that things are what they are. I thought ballet styles were pretty much the same thing – you learned […]

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Dancing on Stage/Dancing on Water

By Diane Claytor What does the art of ballet and sport of surfing have in common? The average, non-athletic type person (like me) may immediately say “absolutely nothing” and wonder why those two activities are even put into the same question. Although admittedly, once I actually thought about it, I did realize that both surfing […]

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Diablo Ballet’s Landmark 20th Season is About to Begin

By Diane Claytor Most of us are probably aware that the symbol for a 50th anniversary is gold; silver is the designated gift of choice for a 25th anniversary. With Diablo Ballet celebrating its 20th anniversary this season, I was curious as to what tradition says is the symbol for that milestone year. China and […]

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