Hi World…Welcome to Diablo Ballet’s Pinterest Page

Diablo Ballet is pleased to be the first professional dance company to open our Pinterest picture boards up to the whole dance world. We believe that dance is a universal language. A jete in Beijing, China will be the same as a jete in Trinidad and Tobago. We want to help this very special community […]

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Why Don’t We See More Ballets With The Care Bears?

By Dan Meagher – Director of Marketing When I think of classic ballet performances, certain names like Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev come to mind.  One name that seems to be curiously missing from the list are the Care Bears. Yes, the same cuddly little creatures from the 1980s were also trained dancers as evidenced […]

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Dance + Film

By Dan Meagher – Director of Marketing We’re thrilled to start a new tradition at Diablo Ballet. On July 16th, we’re welcoming the Dance on Film Festival to the San Francisco Bay Area, screening some of the best movies that captured dance. Someone asked me “Why do we need this?”  While I was initially shocked, […]

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